Square-shape beach umbrella 2×2 m (6’7″x6’7″) | Patio Umbrellas and Tents | Tent art

Square-shape beach umbrella 2×2 m (6’7″x6’7″)

Size 2 х 2 meters
Central pole steel pipe,  51 mm
Ribs steel pipe 20×10 mm, 4 pcs.
Pipes’ thickness 1.5 mm
Frame coating powder coating
Tent fabric polyester 230 g/sqm
Tent color mandated by customer
Overseas delivery available only for bulk orders

120 USD

(wholesale discount available)

Additional equipment:


Weighting tiles
Concret tiles, size 50x50x5 cm, 2 pcs in set, total weight 70 kgs 12 USD



Tent surface printing
Full printing of the tent 42 USD
Frieze printing 6 USD each side